Yume Lab. Cafe



  • 1日が始まる前に、今日を楽しむ方法を考える
  • 仕事や学校帰りに、今日の振り返りをする
  • 明日のイメージを膨らませる
  • 1週間に1回、夢を整理し、どうやって叶えていくかを考える
  • 1年の予定を考える
  • そして未来の自分について考えてみる


YumeLab Cafe is a place for people that runs everyday around to do their job in front of them, or students that has bright vision but has no idea how to achieve them.

Have a cup of coffee over various kinds of worksheet, or discussion with a mentor for your dream.

  • Think about how to enjoy your day before it starts!
  • Reflect your day after your work or school!
  • Have a creative image of your day tomorrow!
  • Spend a time to organize your dream once a week, and think steps to achieve your goal
  • Think about your yearly schedule
  • and imagine your future!

Our goal is to create a relax space where you can be creative with your life and you are ready to enjoy your day.