Yume Wo Katare




では、なぜ "大盛りのラーメン"なのか。


例えば、相当な量で知られているあの "二郎系ラーメン"を完食するには、その日のコンディションを整えるなど、ある種の努力が必要ですよね。


大なり小なり規模は違うにせよ、この "大盛りのラーメン"を食べきることと、夢を叶えることは、本質的には同じなのです。


"自分"が、ラーメン代を支払うのではなく、その夢を聞いてくれた "応援する周りの人々"に、ご馳走(ゴチ!)してもらいます。その後、夢を叶えた本人は、お店の夢を語っている人にゴチしていくいうルールで、次の "夢叶え人"を応援していきます。


This is a place for people that just found a dream, or looking for a dream, or was about lose a dream to share a dream with passion.

By making it to your words and sharing them, you can motivate yourself and have the power to move forward.This does not end in you, you inspire others around you that heard your dream for them to find their own dream or keep on running for their dream.

So why it has be “gigantic” bowl of ramen?

The act of finishing that bowl of ramen is similar to the act of achieving dreams.

In order to finish that bowl of ramen you have manage your health condition, and it takes some courage and effort to achieve.

The scale might be different, but the spirit behind finishing a bowl and achieving a dream is the same.

Also we have a distinctive way to pay as well.

Instead you pay for your own bowl of ramen, people that got inspired by your dream will pay for you to support your dream.

And the ones that achieved the goals, come back to support the next dreamers. We call this positive cycle, a cycle where we do act of kindness to support each other.