■ 愛・・・感謝、認める力、許す力は「愛の力」から生まれる

■ ベストを尽くす・・・ベストを尽くして初めて道が拓ける。ベストを尽くさなければ、言い訳が生まれる

■ 笑顔・・・特に困難な状況で笑う。笑顔が良きアイディアを持ってくてくれる

■ プロフェッショナル・・・プロとは結果を作る者。結果とは相手が求めるもの以上のこと


Goal in life is to enjoy. Even though you fail on the way to achieve your goal, you can enjoy by thinking how you can achieve next time.

Then you can enjoy everything that happens to you. 

Even though the goal might be given, make it your own and control.

Always make sure that you make a result, instead of just doing or not doing.

■ Love  :  Forgiveness, Thankfulness, and Approval comes from power of Love.

■ Do the Best  :  If you do your best, you will see wider road ahead. If you don’t do your best, you only complain.

■ Smile : Smile in the hardest time. Smile will bring you great ideas.

■ Professionalism  :  Professionals always make results. and those results always surpass what others asked for

Dont get depressed on given situation, think in as a representative, and make your ideal self come true.