Yume Lab. Cafe



  • 1日が始まる前に、今日を楽しむ方法を考える
  • 仕事や学校帰りに、今日の振り返りをする
  • 明日のイメージを膨らませる
  • 1週間に1回、夢を整理し、どうやって叶えていくかを考える
  • 1年の予定を考える
  • そして未来の自分について考えてみる


Every day, the people who are being chased by the work in front of the eyes and the students who want to do something, but students who have been spending idly every day, stop by and stop drinking coffee and do what they want to do Space to think about.

Using a worksheet, sometimes speaking with a mentor,

  • Think about ways to enjoy today before the beginning of the day
  • I will look back today for work and school
  • Inflate the image of tomorrow
  • I will organize my dream once a week and think about how I can fulfill it
  • Think about the schedule for one year
  • And think about yourself in the future