Yume Wo Katare




では、なぜ "大盛りのラーメン"なのか。


例えば、相当な量で知られているあの "二郎系ラーメン"を完食するには、その日のコンディションを整えるなど、ある種の努力が必要ですよね。


大なり小なり規模は違うにせよ、この "大盛りのラーメン"を食べきることと、夢を叶えることは、本質的には同じなのです。


"自分"が、ラーメン代を支払うのではなく、その夢を聞いてくれた "応援する周りの人々"に、ご馳走(ゴチ!)してもらいます。その後、夢を叶えた本人は、お店の夢を語っている人にゴチしていくいうルールで、次の "夢叶え人"を応援していきます。


It is such a place that people who started dreams and those who have lost their dreams are courageous and powerfully talk of their dreams. 

 By making a dream a word and making a voice, it inspires himself and becomes a force to advance forward. It will be a hint of not only ourselves but also other guests who have been listening on the spot and people who have not found a dream at the moment, and will give courage and spirit. So why is it "a ramen of huge rice"? The act of eating a big ramen is similar to fulfilling a dream. For example, in order to complete the "Jiro ramen" which is known in considerable amount, it is necessary to make some kind of effort, such as preparing the condition of the day. In order to make a dream come true, considerable power and preparedness are required. Whether it is bigger or smaller and different in scale, essentially the same thing is to eat this "ramen noodle" and to make a dream come true. 

 In addition, the accounting system is also different from usual. "Myself" does not pay for the ramen fee, but they will be treated (people around you) to hear their dreams "People around them to support". After that, the principal who fulfilled his dream will support the next "dream dreamer" with the rule of going to the person who is telling the dream of the shop. We are aiming for such a position cycle.